With more than 170 (and counting!) non-fiction books , Washington State’s most prolific children's author. Acclaimed multi-genre freelance editor. Entertaining and informative classroom visitor.

Middle school running coach. Award-winning magazine publisher. Workshop presenter. Sportswriter. Light versifier. E-commerce and e-book writer. Teacher.

Runner. World traveler. Sailor. Photographer. Actor. Patron of the arts. Hometown Hero. And of course Voracious Reader.

For more about Jim, read his biography and background.

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School Visits

My long and diverse publishing background allows me to offer you a unique variety of lively, entertaining, and informative presentations.  I’m also delighted to customize a visit that best suits your needs.

Editing Services

In addition to editing hundreds of children’s non-fiction titles, my work includes adult and YA/Middle Grade fiction, picture books, memoirs, and much more. “I owe you,” says one of my long-time clients.

Young People's Books

My subjects range from A(ntarctica) to Z(oology), and include saints and science, castles and composers, painters and presidents, and many more. You're sure to find something you like!

It always amazes me the things you find that need changing and that’s after my story goes through the process of critiquing with my weekly group.

- Ken Norton, novelist

Thank you for coming. It was great! I liked it when you were talking about how to be a writer. You were a great storyteller. I hope you come again.

– Dakota, student

I really liked your books. I would of bought 1,000,000 books if I could. You are the nicest author I ever met. Everybody liked you and I really hope you can come again. You have a big heart.

– Rachel, student

Mr. Whiting’s visit was a highlight of my students’ 5th grade year and a day I’m sure they will never forget. I am making plans to have him return next year.

-Sherry E., teacher

This book will pique the imagination of young readers who may discover the secret of this mystery. This is an excellent resource to introduce a mystery that cannot be observed.

- National Science Teachers Association